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Closed Look and Unboxing: Nike PG 5 EP

The released date of 5th Paul George signature shoes PG 5 is 8th, Jan. 2021. We have got it in advance. Let’s have a look at it.


The PG logo on the front of shoebox

PAUL GEORGE 5 on the side of shoebox

The shoe tag on the side of shoebox

The vamp is made of thick knit, and it’s embroidered with Swoosh logo and PG logo.

The forefoot vamp is made of synthetic leather.

The shoelaces

The shoe tongue is printed with PG logo.

The shoe heel is high. The thick foam fits the heel tendon well.

The shoe heel uses synthetic leather.

The insole of PG 5 is similar to PG 4, but it also has some difference.

Both sides of insole has upturning design.

The shoe head is also embossed with PG’s signature.

The lateral outsole of forefoot extends outward.

The outward of arch part has a piece of yellow TPU which is printed with NIKE AIR.

The inner side of forefoot outsole also has upturning design.

The upturning shoe heel outsole is printed with number 13 which is the uniform number of PG.

This design is for extruding the PG 5 series basketball shoes.

The rubber outsole is integrated type, It has the hollow-out design on the arch and rear sole part. It exposes the arch stabilizing plate and air cushion of rear sole. Except the hollow-out design, the outsole pattern of PG 5 is almost the same as KOBE 9.

The outsole pattern of KOBE 9

The forefoot sole is similar to the pattern of human sole. The water ripple improves the traction performance.

The arch stabilizing plate is printed with PG, it’s exposing.

We can see the AIR STROBEL cushion on the hollow-out rear sole.

It uses XDR outsole which suits for kinds of courts.

The shoe-pad is yellow.

The length of EUR42.5 shoe-pad is 275mm.

The width of EUR42.5 shoe-pad is 93.27mm.

The thickness of EUR42.5 shoe-pad is 7.06mm.

We can touch the AIR STROBEL cushion under the insole fabric.

We can see the two hollow-out design.

The unit weight of EUR42.5 shoes is about 349g.


The side of PG 5 is normal size. The shoe tree is suitable for most of people. The fitness is good. The stiff mesh fabric has good supporting and protecting performance. The high shoe heel is comfortable. The insole is soft, it has good resilience. The shoe-pad is about 7mm. For more details of the inner structure, please keep an eye on our website.