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Unboxing: UA Havoc Clone 

Under Armour used UA Clone technology on the basketball shoes, and released UA Havoc Clone basketball shoes. The special vamp can fit to kinds of foot types and it won’t be easy to deform. Let’s have a look at UA Havoc Clone today.

The brand-new UA Havoc Clone uses two technologies UA Clone vamp technology and HOVR & Micro G insole technology.

The surface of UA Clone material looks like knitted leather. It’s made of Auxetic tensile material. Under stressing, the Auxetic tensile material will stretch to all directions, so it can fit to kinds of foot type.

Although it’s the first time that UA Clone is used on the basketball shoe, but it has been used on Under Armour football, boxing and other fields.

Most of shoe fans should be familiar with HOVR+Micro G cushion combination. So it doesn’t need to describe it.

The outsole of UA Havoc Clone has been divided to three parts. The front part is the cross straight line, the middle part is wave type herringbone, and the rear part is the geometric pattern of main triangle. The middle part of outsole has a hexagon window. The inside honeycomb type thing should be the Micro G cushion.

UA Havoc Clone has a stabilizing and protecting design, that is the cups type structure on the shoe heel. With the high type model, it can fix the ankle well. With the UA Clone, it’s quite stable.