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Saucony Triumph 18 Performance Review

Saucony and first class are two highly related words at present. After all, not everyone has flown first class, and not every runner has worn Saucony.

As the representative of top-level Saucony series running shoes, Triumph series shoes has developed to 18th. What’s the improvement of Saucony Triumph 18? Let’s have a look at it today.


The vamp of Saucony Triumph 18 uses 3D printing surface. The engineering mesh fabric vamp has ventilated holes.

The fixed design on both sides of shoe head improves the supporting performance of vamp and protect the toes. The TPU extending to the shoe heel has Triumph 18 logo. It can offer excellent supporting performance.

The texture of vamp extends to insole. The form and pattern of insole echo with the vamp. It looks great.

The unit weight of EUR42.5 Saucony Triumph 18 IS 315G. The unit weight of EUR43 Saucony Triumph 17 is 305g. The weight is heavier.

But as a pair of top-level cushioning running shoes, the weight 315g is not a trouble.

The fitness of Saucony Triumph 18 is excellent. The thick shoe tongue and shoe heel can improve the fitness. The feet are fixed well, and the shoe head still have big moving space. It won’t enchain the feet.

The resilience is special. From Saucony Triumph 17, the insole has been upgraded to PWRRUN+ material, which is lighter about 28% than traditional foam and it can absorb above 5% impacting force to form faster energy feedback. The flexibility is improved about twice than traditional material. The durability is improved about threefold.

Although PWRRUN+ is similar to Adidas Boost material, but we can feel the obvious different after wearing. When running, the PWRRUN+ won’t sag obviously like Boost.

The resilience of PWRRUN+ is flexible.

The thickness of Saucony Triumph 18 forefoot sole is 24.5mm, and the thickness of rear sole is 32.5mm. The drop height is 8mm. The starting speed is fast.

Saucony Triumph 18 has FORMFIT dynamic adaptation system. The FORMFIT dynamic adaptation system combines with PWRRUN+ resilient cushion performance and supporting performance help us to run flexible.

The outsole of Saucony Triumph 18 uses TRI-FLEX carbon rubber material. Except the inside lance of insole, it almost covers the whole outsole. It guarantees the traction performance and durability.

As a pair of top-level cushioning running shoes, Saucony Triumph 18 offers good fitness and stability. The PWRRUN+ insole provides great and stable cushion performance. It’s nice to the runners who have heavy weight. It’s really comfortable when running by wearing Saucony Triumph 18. It maybe the feeling of riding first class.