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NIKE PG5 Performance Review

The NIKE PG series basketball shoes have been released to the fifth generation. The attention to brand-new PG5 in the market is high in the market. Although it still uses air sole cushion technology, but it’s not soft as PG4. Maybe it’s due to the change of shoe-pad. Is PG5 worthy to purchase?

NIKE PG5 is not a pair of perfect shoes. It looks cheap. It doesn’t have obvious advantages, and it doesn’t use great technology, but I think that it doesn’t have big disadvantages.

Comparing with PG4, PG5 doesn’t have big upgrades on the configurations, but I think its actual performance is good. It’s a pity that Paul George haven’t worn it on the playoffs. But Reggie Jackson have worn it on the games, and his performance is excellent.

Fitness: The shoe shape is thin and long. The fitness is good. You can adjust the shoelaces to fit your foot. The upper is thickened to improve the comfort lvel. The shoe heel has pull-tab which is convenient to put on.

Cushion Performance: Although the insole of PG5 is still a little soft, but the feedback is obvious, it won’t be too indecisive and sloppy. If you like obvious feedback, you may like it.

Stability: The insole has upturning design. The outboard has small anti-rollover design. The forefoot outsole is not narrow design. The lateral support is not bad.

Anti-rollover Performance: The shoe heel has TPU plate, but it’s not strong. PG5 has anti-rollover supporting plate. I haven’t felt uncomfortable on the arch when playing basketball.

Air Permeability: The vamp uses thin hot-melting material. It’s similar to Jordan Zion 1. It has reinforced design on the important part. The forefoot vamp has good air permeability.

Traction Performance: The outsole of PG5 uses XDR material. Although the outsole pattern looks normal, but the actual performance is good. I have tested it on several different courts, the traction performance of PG5 is good. Even if playing on the court with dust, the traction performance is still good.

Abrasive Resistance: The abrasive resistance of PG5 is good. The outsole doesn’t have obvious abrasion. It should be suitable to play on the outdoor court.

Shoe tree: normal, but it’s a little narrow.

Size: The size is standard.

The cost performance of PG5 is good. If you like the appearance, you can have a try.