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Unboxing: NIKE Kyrie 8

The Kyrie series basketball shoes are always popular in the market. There are already many news about Kyrie 8 on the website. It has several brand-new colorways. Let’s have a look at the brand-new NIKE Kyrie 8 today.


The colorway is purple disruptive pattern colorway. It looks nice.

The shoe head uses big area of tiger stripe disruptive pattern. The main colorway is purple, black and light green. But it doesn’t have crashworthy design on the shoe head. So I’m worried about it’s protection.

The shoelaces holes are reinforced by leather. The inspiration comes from the the bandage of boxer. This kind of design can improve the fitness of shoes. It’s important for Kyrie.

There is a small piece of leather attaching the side of forefoot vamp. And it’s wave shape. The shoe tongue has thick padding, and it’s high. And the shoe tongues are decorated with gold transformed number 8 and Kyrie’s signature.

The material of shoe collar is different with vamp. It uses big area of leather. And the shoe collar is high. It’s filled with thick padding. It has swoosh logo on both sides of shoe collar.

The shoe heel design is simple. It has a pink Kyrie logo on the topside. It has four cambered cross lines. And the bottom side of shoe heel is made of black leather. The design of appearance is concise. It does’t have many lightspots. But it still looks nice.

The outsole is big and wide. The outsole is divided to 3 areas. The pattern of forefoot sole looks cool. The mid-sole has Kyrie’s signature. The rear sole has the pattern of number 8.

Kyrie 8 VS Kyrie 7, which one is better?

For the actual performance, Kyrie 8 is much better than Kyrie 7.

If you like the new models, you can wait for the Kyrie 8. It has several colorways for your choice.