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Unboxing & Closed Look:New Balance Kawhi 1

After OMN1S, the first pair of Kawhi Leonard’s signature New Balance The Kawhi 1 was finally released. The first released colorway is 4 Bounces. Let’s have a closed look at it today.

The Kawhi Leonard also participated in the design of New Balance The Kawhi 1.

The shoe box is white. The design of shoebox is concise. The middle of shoebox is printed with NB and the gold handwritten signature.

The main colorway of the New Balance The Kawhi 1 is black and blue, and it’s decorated with gold. The colorway is attractive.

As the first released colorway, the name of 4 Bounces comes from the final hit of Kawhi Leonard in the playoff of 2019. To memory this moment, New Balance cooperating with Kawhi Leonard released this pair of meaningful 4 Bounces signature basketball shoes.

The vamp material of New Balance The Kawhi 1 uses knitted mesh fabric and leather. It reduces the weight and improves the fitness and protecting performance. The shoe head has 3M reflecting material.

The leather of shoe upper is crocodile texture. And it’s decorated with blue lines.

The shoe tongue is seamed with the Kawhi Leonard’s logo K and number 2 on the top right corner.

The middle gold leather on the shoelaces is also printed with number 2. It works in concert with shoe tongue. The leather is seamed by blue filament.

To guarantee the comfort level, the shoe collar is filled with foam. It’s soft and comfortable.

The shoe heel is covered with big TPU. It offers enough supporting performance. It’s stable when exercising. The shoe heel is also decorated with Kawhi Leonard’s handwrite.

The insole still uses the FuelCell technology as OMN1S. The sole is light. The elastic feedback is obviously.

The outsole is crystal material. The traction performance is good in indoor court. But as you know, the durability of crystal outsole is not good.

For the actual performance, we will test it and share the performance review soon.