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Hybrid Fuego x First Mile Performance Review

As more and more attention has been paid to environmental problems, many manufacturers also attach great importance to their products which should not cause any contamination to the environment. Since April 22 was the Earth Day,  many environmentalists have called on people to take actions to protect our planet. So in order to make some contribution to this appeal, Puma has launched its Hybrid Fuego X First Mile, an eco-themed running shoe, at the same season. Keep reading this article then.

Looking at the shoe box, you might think that “how ordinary a shoe box it is.” However, so long as you get to know it better, chances are that you will get astonished at how wonderful it is. Firstly, not only can the eco-theme  be traced in the shoes, but also in the box——it is made of recycled paper which feels a little rough. Secondly, the quality of the box, I must own, is worthy of recognition.

The running shoes are designed in olive green and bright yellow, with a blue cougar LOGO attached to the heel, which is quite an eye-pleasing embellishment.

But honestly, before I tried the shoes on, I felt they were kind of elegant and low-key in their style, but no sooner did I make the very first test than I changed my opinion about it.

The whole vamp is made by the design of seamless splicing, making the shoes look like a pair of socks.  And in  the outer edge of the vamp, the patches can prolong the durability of the shoes. But what ensues is that the design can be a bit tight for wide-footers.

The upper is a double mesh design and you can see  the unique texture in the bottom layer  through the first layer of black mesh.

The black EVA insoles are also made of recycled materials with moderate thickness, which again echoes the theme of protecting the environment.

The lining, as you can see in the picture,  is quite nice with excellent stitching, which is in line with the style of PUMA. And looking from the inside, you may have some idea about the breathability of the shoe as the shadows have justified itself.

For the outsole, the different grooves increase grip, and the wear-resistant rubber is added to the toe and heel with a moderate thickness and hardness.

The midsole is, in fact, not a whole-foot Hybrid, but a Profoam that covers a Hybrid at the heel. The Hybrid is not large though, which accounts for about one third of the midsole, it is undeniable that this small part of Hybrid plays an important part in cushioning. Simply put, a gentle press of the Hybrid can distinguish it from the surrounding white Profoam that is more prominent in start-up.

The anti-collision shoes toe with a small puma LOGO is not only practical, but beautiful.

The tongue is a traditional separated design, which can be easily adjusted if necessary. Above the tongue is a “PUMA” logo that is relatively pretty and eye-catching.

The inner side of the running shoe seems more low-key than the outer side, with only one small patch extending from the arch, which provides some support.

The ring TPU bracket is built into the heel of the running shoes and has a certain extent of hardness. Besides, the spongy cushion is of average thickness, which makes it suitable for spring and summer wearing.

Hybrid Fuego is positioned as lightweight and having excellent cushion. But this is in fact very difficult to achieve the two features are actually at opposite ends of the spectrum. However, Hybrid Fuego has made it by combining the two features. A single shoe of size 42.5 weighs 226g, which is satisfactory.


Finally, let’s go back to the theme of environmental protection. In my opinion, Puma Hybrid Fuego X First Mile is in line with its positioning of environmental protection. There is no magnificent decorations in the shoes , but it remains quite cool and pretty. In short, it is a superior choice for long-distance running and whether you are a beginner or a senior runner, you can have a try. Surely, it won’t fail you.