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ASICS UNPRE ARS Performance Review

For basketball shoes, most of people will choose the shoes by its cushion performance, resilience, traction performance and stability etc. This Summer, ASICS released the UNPRE ARS. It’s hard not to be attracted by its side convex structure at the first look.

The characteristics of ASICS UNPRE ARS:

  1. Theoutboard insole uses high density SPEVA material to reinforce the horizontal stability.
  2. The heelpiece insole has built-in GEL to offer cushioning protection.
  3. The half inner sleeve structure improves the fitness.
  4. The forefoot sole has X groove to offer multi-directional flexibility.
  5. The outsole uses N.C. Rubber which is durable.
  6. The unit weight of US9.5 ASICS UNPRE ARS IS 435g.

Normally the basketball shoes has outrigger design to improve the stability.  ASICS UNPRE ARS makes more stable structure based on the outrigger design.This piece of outboard structure is made of high density SPEVA which can offer great stability and anti-rollover performance.

Except the reinforcement of outboard high density material, the design of outsole also offer better flexibility to the forefoot. ASICS uses X groove to divide the forefoot sole to be four parts, so that it can have multi-directional bending range. Some parts of UNPRE ARS outsole pattern is similar to NOVA SURGE and INVADE NOVA, which has longer durability.

The ‘Sunrise Red’ colorway is the first released colorway, and it’s on sale a week before Tokyo Olympics.