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Comparison of AJ 6 and AJ 11

Talking about AJ shoes, what first comes into your mind? Right! Most of you will be considering which one to choose. Today I’d like to make a comparison of AJ 6 and AJ 11, both of which are also preferred by many girls. Go on checking then.

The two models have accompanied me for several years and they are right there in my shoe cabinet. Therefore, I think I have a say in comparing the two versions. 

First of all, personally, when buying shoes I’d like to the one offering a nice foot feel. After all, comfort is prior to everything. So as regards this respect,  AJ 6, I think, is very stiff and not so friendly to my feet because I am a wide footer. But anyway, it is still enough for some outing, say, shopping. However, if you must wear it for basketball playing, it is highly recommended to change the insoles to much softer ones.

But when it comes to AJ 11, I must rave about it in this aspect. AJ 11 is a very comfortable basketball shoe. It is more than enough to wear the shoes to play basketball, let alone to go shopping. The outsole of the shoe is especially excellent: Even if the soles are oxidized, the crystal sides just remain intact. Another big advantage of the AJ11 is its grip, which is in contrast to AJ 6 which almost has no grip.

The one thing that makes AJ 11 worse than AJ 6 is the wrapping. The AJ 11 wraps around the ankles moderately, while the AJ 6 wraps around the ankles comfortably and reliably. But of course, since people have different foot type, this kind of feeling is just in the eye of the beholder.

To sum up, if you want to look good instead of playing balls, you are suggested to choose AJ 6. But if you have to take into account the shoes’ actual performance, then try AJ 11.

For the size, if you want to pick AJ 6 and  if you are a wide footer, you’d better choose a normal size. And for people who are very thin, then it is advised to pick a smaller size. As for AJ 11, the sizes are all accurate.

The Darth Vader Air Jordan 6, which is all black and appears to be suede covered, exhales some kind of mystery.

As for this colorway, it is presented in a very classic and eye-catching way. The carminum Air Jordan 6, with its original high-top style, complemented by simple black, white and red, is still very avant-garde in the creative shoe body .

The AJ6 “DMP,” with its sleek black ox-leather upper and gorgeous gold detailing, is still a big hit this year.

And this AJ 11 which looks very cool has been injected with another 2 highlights. The first is the silver “Jordan” decorated in the lace holes, a design previously only seen on the Air Jordan 11 in the DMP.

With a simple white base and black leather, this low-top one looks quite familiar with Concord colorway at first glance as well as  classic and have a lingering charm.

The Ray Allen Air Jordan 11 PE, with its classic high-top styling and  grain leather, is also a very classic edition. But the most eye-catching detail lies in the gold Jumpman Logo on the heel which is very shiny!

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Close look and opening: AJ React Elevation

I still remember that when this Jordan React Elevation was first released,  many people mistakenly considered it the diamond generation 2 shoe. Notwithstanding the fact, the Zoom in the forefoot and the React at the rear part has successfully won the hearts of many fans. Let’s have a look then.

Both the colorway and the “patchwork” of the shoes are kind of “tugging at my heartstring”. So seeing the shoes, there was a thought emerging from my brain. That is the shoes are so stylish and characteristic  that I must have them.

The vamp is largely white and for the purple part in the toe, it is

On either side of the shoe, there is a leather strap which can provide better wrapping with the buckles.

If you happen to have this Jordan React Elevation, you must have found out that there are altogether 6 groups of shoelace buckles, the fifth group hidden inside the vamp, and the sixth group having a layer of  reinforcement with purple and green splices on the outside.

The word “React” at the heel is very symbolic and the green outsole at the back is all made of React material.

And as is shown in the picture that the design of the green outsole is very delicate which can prevent deformation in the heel part.

As for the fore part, it adopts a fan-shaped zoom Air which is in the red part.

The leather tag in the heel clearly shows us the setup of midsole: FOREFOOT:ZOOM/HEEL:REACT. It is safe to say that the materials are well used.

If you are a Nike fan, you will know that both the Zoom and React are first-rate technology of this brand. And so the combination of the two tech is sure to bring us a nice experience. At least, from my point of view, it is one of the most excellent works of Nike for the time being.

My initial foot feel was I felt like stepping on a foam and after that was an obvious rebound. In actual performance, you can apparently feel the feedback and starting and you will still feel vigorous even after a long time of playing.


Objectively, the shoe is not the best in the market, but it is not bad and can meet the needs of most people. To that end, Nike did make a lot of efforts. So as a pair of basketball, I think it is worth your trying because the price squares with its actual performance.







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Air Jordan 13 Performance Review

The Air Jordan 13 is a well-recognized shoe, not only for its historical significance in the sneaker field, but also for its excellent performance on court. Among the early Air jordans, the Air Jordan 13 is one of the few modes that is still fascinating many people.  So to live up to fans’ affection for Jordan 13, in this review, I  will show more detainls concerning its actual performance.

Whether this pair of shoes can stand up to further tests has always been a heat topic among fans. So today I am here to reveal the answer for you who are concerned about this problem. One of my friends thinks that the setups and design of the shoe are very classic and of vital importance in improving the shoe’s on-court performance. However, compared with the modern sneakers with modern tech, the Jordan 13 will  seem a bit cumbersome. But with its solid materials an dnice design, the downside, I think, is offset. 

The basic materials used respectively are leather upper, sponge filler, conventional rubber outsole, midsole carbon board and Zoom air cushion.

The nearly perfect  stitching design is very helpful and nice and the shoe’s appearance is also outstanding. But a problem is that the toe will wrinkle easily, but not that serious as Air Jordan 1. Also, Air Jordan 13 is very comfortable in the upper which feels nice. After teseting this model, I am here to recommend that whether you want it for actual combat or just for daily wearing, it is a reliable comrade.

The classic separate ZOOM which often appears in Nike shoes is a really nice setup. I should sya that cushioning protection ability of the shoe is quite excellent even if it is the commonly seen tech. But from my perspective, Zoom is a bit too soft, which is not my  preference and makes the startup feedbakc somewhat inferior. But this only results in a somewhat poor court feel, its shock protection is actually good.

The outsole of the shoe is not only nice but also practical. The herringbone pattern, commonly seen though, grips well. And the combination of huge chassis and hercules endow this shoe efficient grip, providing a stable and reliable grip experience both indoors and outdoors.

I worried most about the wrapping of this Jordan 13 before I tested it. But surprisingly, after some  actual experience, instead of frustrating me, the shoe, I found, was most fantastic in its wrapping. But do pay attention that the size I bought is smaller than my usual one. Here’s a tip: when tying your shoes, push your heels back and tighten the laces as you do so to maximize the overall feel of the shoe.

The grain of sole looks very dense and very thick, but the sole rubber may not stand up to intense exercises or it it will worn out in no time. But as can be seen that the shoe is very thick in the sole, hence,  it is difficult to be worn out, either. And from an objective point, this is no a bad choice if you want a practical outdoor sneaker.

for breathability, maybe you won’t be expecting too much of it. The solid leather materials has  inevitably caused venting problems based on my experience. But to my surprise, the air holes on the tongue is not decoration to some extent or at least, you may sometimes find it is working. Overall, the breathability may equal that of Hyperdunk X.

in short, while many years have passed, the Air Jordan 13 still has a high combat status, and it’s the only shoe I am quite satisfied with. The solid setups, and the materials of the shoe is worth to be awared as “the brave warrior” on court. Anyway, you can just have a try and see if it can live up to your expectation.

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Air Jordan Pro Strong Performance Review

After a long period of testing, I am finally here to write down this review and in the hope that you can gain something. I believe that every review entails many a testings and can provide facts so that fans’ won’t feel their expectations are down the drain. So I’ve brought the Air Jordan Pro Strong here for today’s review.

To begin with, let’s take a look at the appearance of the shoes. Definitely, a shoe’s appearance is important and it is something many people care about when buying shoes because the appearance is to the shoe what the faces are to we humans. On the face of it, the shoe is black as  a whole. But on the other hand, it goes well with our everyday wear or outfits. With some white designs on the upper and under the sole, the shoe is not any more simple as it looks. Well, it is certain that the Air Jordan Pro Strong is not the nicest shoes ever met by we fans, but, from my perspective,  the shoes’ appearance can be said to be superior.

Take a look at the cushioning then. This Air Jordan Pro Strong adopts fanshaped zoom in the front and sole at the rear. The setup is classic and I don’t think one can find fault with it. An interesting point is that from the insole you can see the cushioning unit. Some reviewers said there were nothing to talk about the cushioning because of the fact that it was enough for usage. But I consider it necessary to mention it and here I am giving you some feelings I had before.

During testing the cushioning is quite enough for me and I think it goes the same for average players. When I was wearing it, whether I was walking or running, I felt like I was stepping on a foam which is quite soft and elastic. But the fact is that I just felt the soft cushioning some time later when I got used to the shoes.

Concerning the supporting, I like it best. The midsole uses two layers of plastic sheet, which feels hard under the feet the first time you wear the shoes. However, the problem is that the shoe’s anti-resist performance might not be that satisfying. But it can’t be a deal breaker, either.

Some of my friends who have also this Air Jordan Pro Strong observed that the shoes can not overall live up to their expectations. For my money, the blames lies in the wrapping and the insole at the back barely fits their feet. Well, it is true that the wrapping isn’t nice: the artificial leather of the upper does a bad job. It seems there is no clear distinctions between the leather upper and plastic ones. And what’s worse is the leather upper brings no breathability, making the heat trapped inside the  shoe. When you are playing basketball, the tongue of the shoe will rub against the inside of the shoe, making a harsh plastic sound. To sum up, the wrapping is very bad.

Last but not the least, the durability of the outsole is nice although mine has some wear on the sole, which, however, is resulted from excessive and intensive training.


In general, this is an ordinary pair of shoes. Except the wrapping, the other setups are not bad and are most likely to satisfactory. But the chance that the shoe will gain great popularity is indeed slim. For me, it suits me moderately or maybe it is because my playing style is not professional. In short, it is still helpful in some circumstances, but do not expect too  much of it.

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AIR JORDAN DMP PACK Performance Review

I’ve finally come across a pair of shoes that impressed me at the first sight and it was at the first sight that I was given to it. The shoes are the AIR JORDAN DMP PACK. There is something in the shoes. The “DMP” in AIR JORDAN DMP PACK means Defining Moments Pack. The shoe is comprised of platinum AIR JORDAN XIII and black gold AIR JORDAN XIV and is made in homage to Michael Jordan’s winning in the 1998 NBA finals where he wore the Air Jordan XIII and Air Jordan XIV.

The fact is that on one would have thought that the 6th match consolidated his status in the basketball field in addition to representing the end of an era.

The AIR JORDAN XIII is mainly decent white in its appearance and decorated by a gorgeous gold. Besides that, the leather of the shoes is something that I must talk about.

The classic laser panther eye of Air Jordan XIII in Air Jordan DMP Pack is a far cry from the previous edition, which indicates Michael Jordan’s breathtaking image of “THE SHOT” and “98” in game 6 of 1998. So, because of this design alone, I think many fans will take a fancy to this pair of shoes.

The tongues of  Air Jordan XIII are respectively printed with “THEY CAN’T WIN” and “UNTIL WE QUIT”. I wanna say that the shoes are fantastic and they are “going rampant” on streets someday.

The other shoe of the AIR JORDAN DMP PACK is the black gold AIR JORDAN XIV, which echoes the platinum AIR JORDAN XIII. Somehow, I found that, from my own perspective, the sheer black leather in the upper is as impressive as the shiny gold at the collar and mid-sole support. And somewhat the shoes are unique and superb.

For my money, AIR JORDAN XIII  and AIR JORDAN XIV of Air Jordan DMP Pack are already inviting. However, the fact is that the shoe box is as well compelling and striking. Just a glimpse of it will make you fascinated and wonder what is more fascinating inside it. With the eye-catching black and the gold letters in the front of the shoe box being the first bewitching point, most fans just can not resist its temptation. 

And of course, the “1998” and JUMPMAN LOGO must not be absent in the shoe box. They are on behalf of those impressing events before.

Not with the exception of the shoe box, the lining paper inside also has printings the same as that on the box.

You can as well surprisingly find that there are prints of Michael Jordan’s game data, which is quite rare.


In summary, this pair of shoes are not an average one. There are some stories behind AIR JORDAN DMP PACK and somehow you may be given to it just like me. In the hope that you may love the shoe and find it helpful, I think  it more important that it suits you rather than blindly following the trend.

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Jordan Jumpman 2020 Performance Review

Today I am gonna talk about the Jumpman 2020. Fairly speaking, this Jumpman 2020 is one of the most cost-effective one among my many shoes. A bit similar to Air Jordan XXXIV in the appearance though, Jumpman 2020 is different from Air Jordan XXXIV in that the former is made for stability whereas the latter is made for breakthrough.

There doesn’t seem to have many highlights of the shoes. Jumpman 2020, in fact, is not that impressive at the first sight. However, it is the “modest” style that Jumpman 2020 wants to maintain. Without any outstanding tech and impressiveness, this is what Jumpman 2020 is. But with its simple appearance, with a big Zoom Air in the fore part, it will be a highly practical basketball shoe and you are sure to have its performance in your brain.

In a new era like this, it is absolutely not surprising that almost any brand has its masterpiece and I am sure every brand can make an excellent shoe out of the previous moderate ones as long as it puts efforts into it. But the fact is you can hardly find a more cost-effective one than Jumpman 2020 which not only has a reasonable price but also a nice performance.

The designer of Jumpman 2020 did not purposely reduce its weight when choosing the materials. He simply used the net vamp with artificial leather which is quite enough to deal with most of the situations met with by players. However, there is a problem: the support of the vamp is not enough, for which the vamp is to blame  .

The fishbone pattern adopted by the shoe is simple and above all,  practical. Whatever kind of courts, indoors or outdoors, the sole can handle it easily. More importantly, for those liking a long-term wearing experience, it is good news because the sole has not been abraded even after many hours of fierce combat and running.

Some may consider the shoe as a very moderate one after knowing those details I’ve mentioned so far. Well, it is true that this Jordan Jumpman 2020 is no match for those superb ones and there isn’t seem any quite impressive feature, if anything, that must be the cushioning. This is quite a commendable part of Jumpman 2020. The Phylon in midsole plus the addition of the Zoom in fore part seem ordinary though, the combination of the two is  nice, offering a kind of feedback most people are familiar with. In short, my experience was nice for the Jumpman 2020 midsole wears more comfortable over time, as if it were tailored to me.

IN spite of the insufficient support of the upper, the wrapping is still enough. With the addition of the laces, the shoes still wrap well. As for the size, you can go to have a try; after all, the market supply should be sufficient for a cost-effective shoe.

The overall performance, though not match for other shoes in terms of setups, was quite satisfactory, not to mention the fairly reasonable price which makes the shoe all the more compelling.


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Air Jordan 34 PF Blue Vuid Performance Review

As a senior fan of Jordan for many years I am always looking forward to new models to be released by Air Jordan. But the fact is that I will not rush to a decision to buy a new model, but after some time’s consideration I might “take a plunge” if the shoes are found to be suitable for me. I believe that only I myself know what really suits me most, so I won’t follow the trends blindly. As for the newly launched Air Jordan XXXIV PF, I am gonna to tell you that after some time “looking into” it, here are some details I found. Go on checking then.

The design inspiration of AJ 34 comes from racing cars. Those familiar with the F1 racing cars know that the cars tend to use less material to reduce the weight of the vehicle and it is the concept that Air Jordan also uses when designing the shoes. AJ 34 has been injected ECLIPSE PLATE tech to  replace the obsolete  FLIGHTSPEED. And the midsole also equips with separated ZOOM AIR in the fore and rear part whereas the upper is made of crack resistant, lightweight and translucent nylon material. All of these demonstrates that Air Jordan has tried its best to implement this concept. With the exception of implementing the concept you might also find some elements and details of the Air Jordan IV, which hands down the essence of Air Jordan. Here are some pictures of AJ 34 and AJ IV.

AJ 34 retains the classic elements of this series; that is keep the classic FLIGHT of AIR JORDAN IV on the original place.

The midsole is designed with the addition of an anti-rollover TPU. And you can also make a comparison of different outsole patterns between the two editions.

The void design in the sole, from my perspective, is quite a nice and necessary design of Air Jordan shoes because it reflects the other concept of this series.

The first released colorways, Blue Vuid/Wroop, might look somewhat weird at the first sight. But I think maybe the designer means to leave some more room for us to imagine. In the shoe tongue and at the heel there are corresponding themes of different colorways.

For the record, notwithstanding the different colorways of  AJ 34 shoes, the materials adupted for the vamp vary but the performance remains the same.

The “j4-34,2.89-2019” in the heel is in homage to the 30 years of development and growth of Air Jordan.

The pattern on the outside of the outsole reflects the “ECLIPSE PLATE”.

Chances are that you have found the small dots in the shoe laces, which are like screws on a racing car.

Apart from that, the outsole is worth our notice. You can see that the circles on the outsole range from small to big , which does correspond to the process of solar eclipse. And a ZOOM AIR is also written in each circle, indicating the area covered by ZOOM.

In terms of the external decoration, the shoe box, I am quite obsessed with it. The Air Jordan XXXIV PF elegant drawer-type pull box design coupled with the uniqueness of virtually every respect gives me quite a kind of anticipation.

After being improved AJ 34 is significantly much easier than the previous version to put on and take off. For the particularly thin upper some may be suspicious of it and doubt whether it can wraps their feet. However, surprisingly thin as the vamp is, it wraps nicely and supports you perfectly.

Its translucent design can be seen through the heel and the thick foam adds a lot of support for the wearer. Personally, I myself prefer this part to others because I pay more attention to the thickness and stability of the heel of basketball shoes. The case  is that if something part of the shoe persuades me into buying it, it must be the excellent setup of the shoe’s support.

For wide footers and high instep ones and those fond of wearing thick socks, I recommend you pick a bigger size.

The AJ 34’s shoelaces is somewhat similar to that of KD 12 in design, but the former will loosen easier so that you have to tighten the shoelace from time to time, which is bothering.

Small details have also been added so as to increase the upper support and durability, say, the synthetic leather added to the inner seam of the shoe and the transparent fabrics added around the body especially the toe part.

The striking ECLIPSE PLATE tech in midsole consists of TPU and PEBEX. In addition to reducing the weight of the midsole, it brings good stability and torsion resistance. However, in the process of getting used to it you may feel pressed in the toe. But you will fare well with it some time later.

Before you begin your match the forefoot ZOOM AIR also needs warming up so that you get the resilience  of that setup.

The sole is designed with the traditional herringbone pattern, presenting an image that diffuses outwards. Made of XDR material you can expect something of it. This time I tested them on outdoor concrete and indoor wooden floors but the grip was no better than I had expected.  However, in most cases it performs not that bad and I think it is enough for most players.

If you are considering this Air Jordan XXXIV PF at the moment and still can not make up your mind, you may as well go for more details.  All in all, my experience with this one is not bad and above all, among my basketball shoes,  their supporting is just so so, none more so than that of AJ 34.