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Air Jordan XXXVI Performance Review

Via the summary of previous generations, Jordan Brand design team uses the design philosophy of Air Jodan XXXIV and Air Jordan XXXV as the basic of Air Jordan XXXVI.

The design point of Air Jordan XXXVI is light. Jordan brand uses light as the creative primary goal.
Air Jordan XXXVI use Leno-weave vamp with full-length Zoom Air Strobel cushion and Zoom Air cushion combination. The brand-new upgraded insole system not only keeps supporting strength and cushion performance, but also reduce the weight.

The light of Air Jordan XXXVI has three outstanding features and innovations.

The vamp of Air Jordan XXXVI uses Leno-weave material which can keep the vamp strength and reduce the weight. It can offer enough supporting performance to the players.

When developing Leno-weave, the designer wishes to use this material not only changing the appearance, but also balance the utility and good looking. Light through the vamp will present a unique color.

What’s Leno-weave?
Leno-weave is a kind of knitted method of vamp material. When reducing the weight, it can keep good strength and tenacity.
On the basketball games, when pursuing the lightweight, it’s also important that the basketball shoes can offer good energy feedback to the players.

The outsole of Air Jordan XXXVI uses traditional herringbone pattern which can offer excellent traction performance. With the brand-new cushion combination-full-length Zoom Air Strobel cushion and Zoom Air cushion on forefoot sole, it can offer more excellent resilient feedback to the players.

Air Jordan XXXVI uses big Zoom Air cushion combination to improve extra cushion performance and energy feedback. It’s the first time that Jordan brand uses this kind of configuration. The full-length Zoom Air Strobel cushion is seamed with vamp directly. The forefoot Zoom Air cushion is on the bottom. The player can feel the feedback from the cushion system directly. The traditional herringbone pattern can satisfy all kinds of movement.

When mentioning the products pursuing light, most of people will remember the support that Jordan offer to the young players, such as Jayson Tatum, Luka Dončić , Zion Williamson, or Satou Sabally and Kia Nurse.

The designing team also uses punching holes design on the shoe-pad to reduce the unit weight, so that the players’ feet can fit Zoom Air Strobel cushion better and offer excellent dressing experience.

Air Jordan XXXVI uses the insole technology of Air Jordan XXXIV and Air Jordan XXXV. Comparing with them, the brand-new upgraded insole system uses insole and outsole separated design, it not only keeps the stability, but also reduce the weight.