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Air Jordan 35 Performance Review

Today, we want to talk about the performance of Air Jordan 35 which are expected by many people for a long time.

Suited court: indoor court

Suited players: the frontline whose weight is above 70kg.

Suited foot type: it’s suitable for the players whose foot is wide and high instep. If your foot is thin, it’s better to have a try before purchasing.

After releasing, the appearance of Air Jordan 35 is controversial.

I think that AJ35 is similar to AJ33, but it doesn’t suitable for most of people.


The raised part of shoe heel is very stiff, the shoe heel is hurt when moving and turning.

It’s really hurt during the breaking-in period. After wearing it about half month, the shoe heel part becomes softer. It’s better to wear terry socks.

The shoe tree is also a little wide, if your foot is think, it will be a little empty.

The fitness of other parts are good and comfortable.  The Flightwire technology offers excellent fitness.

I’m also satisfied at the supporting performance. The two pieces of chamois leather on the vamp offer good supporting performance.

The strength of AJ35 is great, it’s not a problem to play high strength basketball games.


It has a big piece of ZOOM Air on the forefoot sole. We can see the area, shape and thickness of the zoom air cushion from the disassembled drawing.

The cushion performance is not obvious in the beginning, especially for the players whose weight is not heavy. And the shoe-pad is stiff.

After breaking-in, the cushion performance is obvious. But I think that the feedback of the cushion is not obvious, it’s soft, but the elasticity is not good enough.

If your weight is heavy enough, you will have the excellent experience of the cushion performance.

The cushion performance of rear sole is great. The U shaped Zoom Air cushion performance is excellent for the heavy weight players.


The outsole of AJ35 is the normal herringbone pattern.

The crystal pattern has great traction performance. But it’s easy to absorb dust. It needs to clean the outsole frequently.

The abrasive resistance of AJ35 is good, but it’s better not to use it on the outdoor court. Afterall, it’s crystal outsole.


The Eclipse Plate insole reduces the overall weight of AJ35. The overall strength of AJ35 is also excellent.

The anti-torsion performance of AJ35 is great, I feel safe when playing high-strength basketball games.

But it needs time to break-in the Eclipse Plate raised insole. If your foot is flat type, it’s better not to purchase it.

We can see the obvious slope between the vamp and outsole, with the built-in air cushion, the center of gravity is low, so the anti-torsion performance is good. But the extending part of outsole is not obvious, if it’s wider, the anti-rollover performance will be more excellent.


Fitness of vamp: 8 scores

Supporting Performance: 10 scores

Feedback of forefoot cushion: 8.5 scores

Cushion performance of rear sole: 10 scores

Anti-torsion Performance:  10 scores

Anti-rollover Performance: 8 scores

Traction Performance:  9 scores

Overall Protection:  10 scores

Supporting Performance:  10 scores

Stability:  10 scores

Overall:  93.5 scores

The overall performance of AJ35 is better than AJ34. But it also has some disadvantages, many guys can’t adapt the Eclipse Plate and the shoe heel.

So should we expect AJ35 SE?