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Adidas Dame 6 Performance Review

Dame series basketball shoes are always popular in the market. It makes a big change this year. It abandons the Bounce technology and uses Lightstrike. It should be an upgrade. How about its actual performance? Let’s have a look at it today.


  1. Great Traction Performance

I love the traction performance of Dame 6. Many players take it as back up.

▼The traction performance of Dame 6 is excellent

The outsole is herringbone. And it’s crystal outsole. The traction performance is excellent. The horizontal traction performance is good. I haven’t slipped on indoor wood floor court.

▼The outsole has upturning design

The crystal outsole is suitable for indoor court and traction performance is great.And the outsole is easy to absorb dust. The abrasive resistance is not bad on indoor court.

▼it doesn’t have obvious abrasion at present

  1. Upgraded Cushion-Lightstrike

I’m shocked when it said that Dame 6 uses Lightstrike insole. After all, only N3XT L3V3L and Harden Vol.4 have used Lightstrike, and their price is high.
▼The cushion technology is changed from Bounce to Lightstrike

The full-length Lightstrike has excellent cushion performance. The starting speed is fast.

The Lightstrike of Dame 6 is stiffer than Harden Vol.4. But it’s more elastic than N3XT L3V3L.


  1. The shoe tree is a little wide. It can’t fit the narrow type foot very well. The lateral supporting performance is also not good enough.

The shoelaces’ design of DAME 6 is similar to Crazy Explosive. But the fitness of Dame 6 is not good.
▼It only uses 4 couples of shoelaces’ holes

▼The shoe tree is wide

If your foot is wide type, Dame 6 will be suitable to you. As my foot is narrow type, so it’s easy to be loosen.

▼The shoelaces are also easy to loosen when playing basketball

And the lateral supporting performance is not good for me.

The anti-torsion performance is good. The TPU plate of shoe heel is also strong. It has a piece of reinforcement on the shoe head. But it’s a pity that the overall vamp supporting performance is not good

  1. The reverse side of shoe tongue is easy to dye the socks.

It’s surprised that the red shoe tongue dyes my white socks, maybe it’s due to the colorway.

▼The shoe tongue dyes to my socks and shoelaces

Overall: ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ 8.5 stars

Shoe Tree:a little wide

Size: a little longer. Different version, different material, the length maybe different. I normally choose NIKE/Adidas EUR43, but the size of Dame 6 which is suitable for me is EUR42.5. It’s better to have a try on physical store.
Although I’m unsatisfied at the fitness and supporting performance of Dame 6. But the cushion performance and traction performance of Dame 6 is great.