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Adidas adios Pro Performance Review

Adidas adios Pro was undoubtedly the most popular racing shoes in the end of 2020. The top-level runners worn the Adidas adios Pro to break the world record of half-marathon. So it can be said that Adidas adios Pro is the king of half-marathon running shoes.

I have run more than 50km by wearing Adidas adios pro. So I have a comprehensive feeling for Adidas adios Pro.

The vamp of Adidas adios Pro is comfortable. The fitness is good, it can fix the feet very well, and the shoe head has the enough space for moving. It keeps good balance for the fitness and comfort level. It profits from the design of shoe tongue. The inner side of shoe tongue extends to insole. And another side connects to vamp. After fastening the shoelaces, it can improve the fitness, but the disadvantage is that the design of shoe tongue can’t be adjusted. It maybe not suitable to the runners who have fat feet or high instep.

Maybe due to the good fitness of midsole, so Adidas change the normal big TPU to small one.

Although the foam fading on ankle is not much, and the counter is small, but it’s not easy to loosen when running. The shoe heel and ankle fits the vamp very well. But it doesn’t have TPU to support both sides of shoe heel. The shoe heel is easy to slip.

The vamp is made of mesh fabric. As it reduces the area of TPU, so the ventilated mesh is extending to ankle part, so the air permeability of vamp is excellent. You don’t need to worry about the air permeability if running in hot Summer.

The insole of Adidas adios Pro is the newest insole material LightstrikePRO. The LightsrikePRO insole is soft and resilient. It guarantees the good cushion performance and resilience. The unit weight of EUR42.5 Adidas adios Pro is about 226g. The cushion performance is more than resilience.

The forefoot insole uses 5pcs carbon pile and rear sole uses carbon fiber plate. The flexibility is good. The height of forefoot sole is 30.5mm and the height of rear sole is 39mm. The thick insole has good cushion performance, but the corresponding feedback is weaker. It’s suitable for most of runners. Although the resilient feedback is not excellent, but the thick LightstrikePro insole has great cushion performance. It will push you to run forward when running in downslope.

The 5ps carbon pile is closed to the outsole. The outsole is soft. The rubber is soft. The outsole doesn’t have pattern it’s smooth. Kipchumba worn Adidas adios Pro on raining day of London marathon competitions. So we can see that the traction performance of Adidas adios Pro is not bad. But many guys would be still worried about its traction performance in slippery raining road.

Actually I often run in the road and park, the traction performance is good. Although the rubber of outsole is thin, but I haven’t found big abrasion of the outsole after running about 50km. The pattern of lateral shoe heel is almost worn down. The abrasive resistance is good.


The insole of Adidas adios Pro is thick, it has good cushion performance. The resilient feedback is not excellent comparing with other running shoes in same grade. It’s suitable for most of runners. But the price is a little high. As the LightstrikePRO insole technology is getting better, we believe that the performance of Adidas adios Pro 2 will be more excellent.

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