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361°Stratomic Performance Review

361° launched its fall Stratomic running shoe in the summer, which is not an unusual way for launching shoes. Then in terms of the performance of today’s protagonist, the 361°Stratomic, I am going to share with you some of my experience.


Besides the colorway, black/silver white, in the pictures here, there are also two colorways available which are blue/cherry red, and coral blue/scarlet.

361°  Stratomic is integrated with a number of running shoe technologies, such as QDP-L!TE midsole and the QDP(QU!K Dynamic Performance). But regrettably there is no more detailed introduction in the  technology respect.

361°  Stratomic is “slim” and looks compact in shoe type, making it all the more attractive. In the vamp, the mesh with the stripes comprises of the first layer which enhances air permeability. And the “3” is located in the middle, indicating it identity. Apart from that, the mesh holes in the vamp look quite like the spots of a leopard, which I think implies that the running shoes can help you run fast like that animal.

The anti-collision shoe toe is relatively short and there are also support strips inside the shoes, so they might not be that friendly to wide-footers after a short time of running. Therefore, here I recommend you  pick a bigger size in case there would be any inconvenience.

The vamp is composed of two layers of fabric, the outer large holes sparse, the inner layer tight and dense. Seemingly, they are super breathability, but in fact, the performance in this respect is just moderate. However, since the shoes are for autumn wearing, the design would be more than suitable.

The tongue is not sewn together with the shoe body, and the filling is thick and  soft, and it won’t bring burden to our insteps. In the heel, there is a built-in TPU that strengthens stability and support.

On top of that, the “3” in the middle part and the stripes also play a good part in enhancing support.

The midsole is the so-called QDP-L!TE which consists of two materials, the QU!KFOAM and CMEVA. As you can see, the black part in the image is Qu!KFOAM while the white part is CMEVA. In other words, this is a double density midsole.

(the black QU!KFOAM is much softer while the white Cmeva is slightly stiffer and the two midsoles are matched to provide more efficient cushioning)

The sole embraces a famous running shoe technology, the QDP(QU!K Dynamic Performance) that along with the midsole cushioning technology greatly helps improve efficiency for runners.

You can see the QU!KFOAM through the hollow design at the heel and that the heel is connected to the front part by the hard TPU, which improves the support and stability of the midsole. If my memory serves me right, another version of 361° last year also adopted the same design.

The wear-resistant rubber pattern of the front part is somewhat dazzling and changeable for me, but I must own that such design has a prominent performance in grip and anti-slipping.

The insole is made from QU!KFOAM. 

The shoes are not so heavy, but not that lightweight, either. A single shoe weighs 325 grams, which is a moderate design.


361 – STRATOMIC has also an excellent performance in wrapping, so it is unnecessary to  worry about slipping inside the shoes because the shoes would hug your feet as do a pair of socks. And with the prominent outsole, you can enjoy the excellent stability.

All in all, after 10 days of testing, the shoes did live up to my expectation. 361 – STRATOMIC is suitable for all kinds of roads and can be long-lasting companion.