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About Air Jordan 11 Retro Low

If I can only purchase a pair of basketball shoes, I will choose Air Jordan 11.

The appearance and technology of Air Jordan 11 is the landmark product in the history of basketball shoes.

AJ 11 is the first pair of basketball shoes which use the patent leather.  It’s light and looks good. The nylon material of the vamp reduces the weight. It inserts the full-length carbon plate in the sole. The outsole is crystal sole. It shocks the world in that time.

Michael Jordan is unsatisfied at AJ10, so NIKE paid high attention on the design of AJ 11.

In 1996, Jordan led the Bulls to get a 72-10 record, it’s the best record in the history of Bulls. In the finals of 1996, Jordan wearing Air Jordan 11 ‘Bred’ led the Bulls to get the champion.

So the position of AJ 11 is unsurpassable in the history of basketball shoes. The recently released Air Jordan 11 Retro Low are sold well in the market. It’s easy to purchase, and the price is not high.


The shoebox is concise.

The patent leather vamp looks great under the light.

The workmanship is good.

The colorway black and white vamp with red outsole looks great.

The shoe heel has the number 23 embroidery and small Flyman logo. As it’s low type, the space is not big.

The red transparent outsole looks great.

The shoe tongue and vamp is artificial leather. It’s hot if wearing it in Summer.

Both of the appearance and configuration of Air Jordan 11 is great.

Air Jordan 11 is unsuitable to play basketball.

Although AJ11 help Jordan to get the champion, but it’s the shoe model which is more than 20 years.

It’s a pair of low type basketball shoes. The fitness is not good enough, the shoes are easy to loosen when playing basketball.

It doesn’t have padding to reinforce. The stability of ankle depends on the patent leather and filled padding. The anti-rollover performance is not good. It’s easy to sprain the foot when playing basketball.

The insole of AJ 11 is stiff, and the traction performance of AJ 11 is not good, it’s easy to slip in the stiff and slippery court.

It’s a pair of fashion shoes.

Due to the excellent appearance design, the colorways and materials are changeable.


Air Jordan 11 Retro Low is easier to purchase comparing with Air Jordan 11. The black, white and red colorway is classic. Although it’s unsuitable to play basketball, but it’s a pair of fashion shoes. If you are Jordan’s fans, it’s worthy to purchase it.