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A Close Look at Adidas D Rose 1

For many fans, the Derrick Rose has always been the favorite basketball star in the bottom of their heart and it is the case for me as well. It is certain that the reason we are attracted by a person is because he/she has some gracious spirits. And Derrick Rose is just the guy like whom we are looking forward to becoming. He is a like a stubborn grass that is still able to regain the courage and strength to face life even if he has suffered a lot of pain.

And it is thrilling hearing that Derrick Rose has regained self-confidence for we fans and we are always there to support him as well as Rose series. So from the perspective of we fans, this Adidas D Rose 1 must be a fascinating model.

After Rose was integrated into Adidas, the brand has released 13 pairs of signature shoes of the 10th edition and Rose is also the 8th player in the NBA to have 10 consecutive versions of signature shoes of the same brand. Since last year, Adidas began to redesigned Derrick Rose’s AdiZero Rose 1.5 and Adidas D Rose 4 and good news is that adiZero Rose will keep the appointment as scheduled and will be available in the near future.

Long before adidas and Derrick Rose’s plan to release a Retro of Rose’s original signature shoe, many fans including me are looking forward to retro shoes of this series and the wish was finally realized; maybe this is the so called “there will be reverberations if you always bear it in mind.”

Rumor has it that “it seems more Derrick Rose Retro releases are underway because the images leak of a brand new version of the adidas adiZero Rose 1.” Anyway, let’s just wait and see. I believe time will reveal the answer for all of us.

I’ve brought with me two colorways of this Adidas D Rose 1 that Derrick Rose was expected to wear at this year’s NBA all-star skills challenge in Chicago. The white one is designed in homage to Rose with embroidered roses on the medial panel while the rest of the build is done in suede. The independent GeoFit system is still in the ankle collar while PureMotion, adiPrene cushioning, SprintFrame and a Cilia traction are all features of the shoes.

Although the releasing date is still unknown, it is certain that it will arouse a great deal of popularity. Of this latest adiZero Rose 1 we can see some novel details which are compelling.


Notwithstanding the unavailability of the shoes right now, we can still expect something of it and see what surprises it can bring to us. Anyway, I think the most important thing we learn from Derrick is that even in the face of setbacks and heartbreaking trouble, we have the right to change our fate and make it better.

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