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Still one of the best Guard shoes available

Traction – If I trust a shoe enough to wear it during league games then traction is A+. There are only a few shoes that have good enough traction to be worn on that floor and the CP3.VI & CP3.VI AE are two of them.

Cushion – The cushion hasn’t changed. It’s still minimal and consistent. Perfect for Guard play or if you just like the way they feel in general. Remember, when we (reviewers) make suggestions… they are just that. It’s up to you to know what your preferences are and we just kind of help you know what you are looking at when it comes to a sneakers performance attributes.

For those who did not know, Podulon is a dual density foam setup. Lightweight Phylon along with a Cushlon insert are in place which give you a soft cushioned ride where you need it and a bit of firmness where needed as well. It is less responsive than Lunarlon – only slightly – and Zoom Air but it will last you longer than Lunarlon due to the rubber added within the foam mixture when being produced.

Material – The Fuse used on the original CP3.VI was thin enough to be flexible but this setup enhances that with the use of overlay panels and mesh. For some, Fuse is annoying as it could pinch or refuse to stretch – since its plastic – so that is where a premium synthetic will come in. It just feels a little nicer so if you are a player that enjoys leathers and nubuck then the AE will be the way to go. If you wanted to stick with an upper that is easy to clean and durable then go with the original model.

Fit – They fit true to size and the shoe still fits like a glove. Last time around I was unable to achieve secure heel lockdown and this time around the experience was much different. The shoe fit perfectly – for me – from heel to forefoot and that was the greatest improvement overall.

Ventilation – Air flow is just slightly better than the original but still nothing to write home about. I personally didn’t notice the any ventilation issues while wearing them on-court and realistically, you can only tell that you are missing out when you switch to something more ventilated like the Nike Zoom Hyperdisruptor; seen in the image above.

Support – The arch and torsional support remain unchanged but the uppers support is greater to the increased lockdown from the heel. Since your heel won’t be popping out the shoe anytime soon, you can make your moves with confidence as your foot is kept secure and stable within the shoe.

Overall – The Jordan CP3.VI was my personal top pick for Guards in 2012… at this point in time… I still feel it is one of the best Guard oriented shoes available. Yes, the Air Jordan XX8 might be the “better” of the two when directly comparing certain aspects but overall, you get exactly what you pay for with the CP3.VI AE; a solid performer with substantial traction and fit all sitting on a low to the ground platform. Just what a Guard might ask for.