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Which of adidas Originals Campus 80s was worth to buy ?


Adidas originals are one of those shoe brands that are not afraid to bring back one of their most iconic retro kicks and it was about time Adidas did the same with the ‘Campus’ line for India. Adidas previously had a lot of success with their ‘Superstar’  and ‘Stan Smith’ collection, but the king of their retro-line is the low-top Campus.

Which of adidas Originals Campus 80s was worth to buy ?

The adidas Campus 80s features a color color combination throughout which is one of the brighter pairs in the series. Featuring a suede base, leather is used on the overlays. They are then completed with white running through the tree stripes and midsole.

The ‘Campus’ is one of Adidas’ heritage models that was first designed and sold in the 80s. The original purpose of these kicks was supposed to function as an on-court basketball shoe, which is why the suede silhouette is still ubiquitous on these fine pairs. These kicks were one of the most popular pairs of sneakers amongst hip-hop and street style circles. In a day and age of Instagram bloggers and street stylists, this is probably the perfect pair to resonate with the millennial crowd today.

Adidas did not shy away from the detailing either. The suede uppers and the serrated three stripes are the most striking and eye-appealing detail about the sneaker followed by the debossed ‘Campus’ branding. A shoe that is dedicated and designed for the purists and new adopters as well. One can wear these kicks with pretty much any type of outfit or occasion and still look “put-together”.


The bottom lining of the shoe can also take a beating due to the rough environments in India. You can expect it to wear out within a few years which is not really a big nuisance if you plan on wearing them in closed environments.