According to Jazzy, who posted this photo on Instagram, these are a sample left behind by a former acquaintance who is or was emplyed by Kanye West. While the adidas YEEZY Slides never made a retail appearance as of yet, the brand did create them.
The sample adidas YEEZY Slides are owned by Jazerai Allen-Lord and is a size 11 sample based off the Adilette. The Slides were made for Kanye West and she obtained them from YEEZY’s wardrobe stylist who was previously her business partner.

At the time of writing, there isn’t any confirmation that an adidas YEEZY Slide will release and it looks like they may just stay a sample.

The adidas Yeezy footwear line may be ready to include a brand new model as we get a look at a pair of adidas adilette sandals with YEEZY logos on the sole.The Yeezy Mafia notes that these may potentially release during the Fall 2017 season. Would you like for these adidas Yeezy slippers to release? If you don’t own a pair of Yeezys yet, would you consider these as your first?

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